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We have created a safe space for diverse voices to be heard and to be compensated for their opinions. We do this authentically, as our founders are from diverse communities and pride themselves as DEI champions.

Check out below the three main areas we work within.

Amplify Diverse Voices

Diverse consumers, comprising 10.8m or 16% of the UK population, are often overlooked. Among them, 3% have African/Caribbean heritage, with £4.5bn annual disposable income. They are discerning consumers who prioritize brand credentials. Brands can tap into this opportunity for relevance, authenticity, and business growth, gaining a competitive edge and boosting acquisition and retention.

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DEI Solutions

We enhance brand DEI efforts in two ways: evaluating services, products, and approaches for diverse consumers and offering segmented reports for better insights.

For product development, we connect brands with diverse consumer groups, gathering ideas to shape future products, reach broader markets, and ensure inclusivity. Our Diverse Panel helps brands expand their reach, relevance, and market share, with an active, segmented group of diverse consumers sharing shopping habits and needs in a trusted environment.

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Segmented Data

Brands can achieve more comprehensive targeting and inclusivity by instantly accessing diverse, segmented data from all customer groups. The Diverse Panel gathers data on shopping habits across 5 key genres, segmented by demographics and geolocation for rich insights. Additionally, through ACE Entrepreneurs, we include black-owned business data, contributing £74BN to the UK economy, with one of the largest black business communities in the UK.

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Consumer Insights
Brand Register

Brands can now register for diverse data

Register for our secure client portal where brands can brief in bespoke projects, request a panel or subscribe to our regular reports. Click below to create your login and submit a brief.


While our insights packs are focused on diverse consumers, we accept all diversity briefs for under represented groups from female primary parents to LGBTQIA. 

Data Collection

We gather data on generic shopping habits across 5 key genres and segment by demographics and geolocation, to provide rich, granular insights.


We work with brands to review their services, products and approach to diverse consumers. Our reports are segmented by your audience types to provide high levels of insights for your retention and acquisition goals.

Future Propositions

As brands look to develop new products, we provide access to diverse consumer sets to deliver opinion and ideas to: shape you future products; reach larger target markets; and future-proof your inclusivity

Bespoke Panel

Working with brands on specific briefs, we will provide bespoke panel and reports. This data will not be shared publicly and will be bespoke to your brand questions.

Insight Packs

The Diverse Panel bi-annual report, with aggregating data across key consumers, segmented by demographic and interest groups and including YoY changes.

Key Insights

This is a lite version of the bi-annual Insight pack, sharing key headlines from our findings. Or subscribe to keep up to date with our free key insights.

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